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Spring Clean Your Vanity Case

(Source: Jusco Pearl Magazine - March 2009 )

Did you know your favorite blush comes with an expiry date? Before you think about putting that blush on, take a quick read here to find out when you should bid farewell to some of your favorite make-up items.

Here to think about: Make-up that has been kept too long is actually best breeding ground for bacteria. Make-up is made up of various ingredients, and just like everything else, these ingredients have a use-by date.

Not only that, if you continue using it, it can actually create havoc on your skin (think breakout and rashes).

What exectly is the lifespan of each cosmetic product you own? Here is our quick guide for you:
Foundation And Face Powder
take a look at its texture, if it is oily and thick then it is time to get rid of it.
Lifespan: SIX MONTH
Lifespan: TWO YEARS
But if you use cream eyeshadows, it can only last up to six month. Always change the applicator, as that is where bacteria will gather the most.
Lipstick And Lip Gloss
Lifespan: TWO YEARS
But dont expect the colour to remain the same. it wont look as fresh on your lips as it was the first day you brought it.
And like mascara, dont pump air into your lip gloss as this will promote bacteria breeding.
Liafespan: UP TO TWO YEARS
You can keep it to two years because of its powder form. Using the creammy one, you can keep it tops for one year. Assuming you are using your fingers to apply, this will cause acceleration in bacteria building.
Three Ways To Know If Your Make-Up Off :
Scent - if it smell like mold or fungus, toss away immediately
Date - Most products come with an expiration date. Pay attention to it.
Storage - Are you the type to leave your make-up averywhere? Beware of the bacteria. Some products are also sensitive to heat, cold and light. Products like these can easily go bad if exposed to the sun.

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