Rabu, 20 Mei 2009

Just hug your love

Have you ever hug your little one?

How about today? No..?

Our kids like to be hug by us ; their parent (who else?). They can feel our love without words. This love feeling can cure them. Cure from what? What would you feel if you, yourself being put into some other place without family but just friends for all day long? Lonely, sad, frustated, even mad? Yes, our kids perhaps feel it too. But for the young ones, they cannot say it out loud. In fact, they show it by their bad behaviour like crying madly, kicking, throwing things etc. So the best medicine is our hug.

Hug can stream our love into their heart.
Hug them tightly like you will never ever see him again. Just hug your love ones..

(the precious of mine)

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