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New sibling... how can your older child handle it?

New baby absolutely a celebration for couple like my hubby and me. But there always not easy to us to make my older child accept her sibling. I always try my best to search articels and guidelines on how can make this thing easy for my older child.


Tips from my mother (to make my children stay together):

- Take the umbilical cord which dry after 5-9 days, and store it at the save place. We Malay (some of us) will put the dry umbilical cord into nigella sativa (jintan hitam / habbatus sauda) and wrap it together with a piece of cloth and save it until we have a new baby. Then take the new dry umbilical cord from our new baby, and combine it with the older child umbilical cord. After that wrap it with the same piece of cloth. Do the same thing for your third child and so on...

In other words, just save their umbilical cords together. It works u know...my elder child always show her love to her little brother.

here is the picture of umbilical cord:

But of course we have to do something else to keep them love each other...how?

(Here are the tips from one of my favorite magazine)

1. Give him special jobs

Let your firstborn help out - he may surprise u with how much he can do.

(My firstborn child, she's only one and half years old, but can help me take a dirty diapers of hers and her brother and throw in into basket. Also can pick up a small cloth to wipe out her brother's runny nose. it surprise me u know and she help me a lot! . After i said 'thank you' , she smile widely with her happy face)

2. Boost his ego

Make your child feel proud and connected to the new baby by saying things like "She likes when you hold her bottle."

3. Spend a little time alone with him

Spend some time each day with just your older child, even if it's only a few minutes of drawing or reading. This time makes him feel speacial add reminds him that you're his mummy as well as the baby's.

(happy kids + happy parents = happy family)

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